Check out my new commercial for Enbrel (rheumatoid arthritis medication) which is running on TV as of fall 2019. Here’s our crew preparing for the 80s Karoake!

Photos from the premiere Jurassic School, a production by The Aslyum.  It was a pleasure to attend the red carpet event at the London West Hollywood hotel where the screening was followed by a Q & A with the director, Mark Atkins, and the cast. I play an FBI agent - the movie is on Amazon now.

Photo from  Aspen Shorts Fest  Q & A

Photo from Aspen Shorts Fest Q & A

I play the lead in a dramatic short about the 2011 Arab Spring called Before the Spring. I traveled with the producers and the director of the film to Aspen for the world premiere of our film at the Aspen Shorts Fest. It was a fantastic time and an amazing collection of shorts. Nothing compares to seeing your work on the big screen in a real theatre!

Production still from  The Enemy

Production still from The Enemy

A really funny web series I was in called The ENEMY (The N in ME) is  on YouTube. I play a therapist counseling a young man in crisis. I've heard rumblings that I may be reprising my role as the kind but clueless Dr. Sweeny in Season 2 coming sometime soon.

 Updated Sept 2019