Photos from the premiere Jurassic School, a production by The Aslyum.  It was a pleasure to attend the red carpet event at the London West Hollywood hotel where the screening was followed by a Q & A with the director, Mark Atkins, and the cast. I play an FBI agent - the movie is on Amazon now.

Photo from  Aspen Shorts Fest  Q & A

Photo from Aspen Shorts Fest Q & A

I play the lead in a dramatic short about the 2011 Arab Spring called Before the Spring. I traveled with the producers and the director of the film to Aspen for the world premiere of our film at the Aspen Shorts Fest. It was a fantastic time and an amazing collection of shorts. Nothing compares to seeing your work on the big screen in a real theatre!

A really funny web series I was in called The ENEMY (The N in ME) is  on YouTube. I play a therapist counseling a young man in crisis. I've heard rumblings that I may be reprising my role as the kind but clueless Dr. Sweeny in Season 2 coming sometime soon.

 Updated June 2018

Production still from  The Enemy

Production still from The Enemy